PROPERTY INVESTMENT! Is it right for you?

1. Understand your risk profile Your risk profile is your appetite to take risks with your investable funds. You should always understand your risk profile before making investments of any sort. When considering property investment, it’s particularly important to come to terms with your own level of comfort in borrowing to invest. Taking on additional… Read more »

10 Suburbs to Consider Investing

After a number of years of residential investors sitting on their hands and a consequential rental shortage, there is much to anticipate as we approach the end of the rental moratorium on 28 March 2021.  There is strong demand for rental properties, and this combined with record low interest rates and expected gross yield growth creates the… Read more »

What is Private Funding?

What are the private funders? Private funders are often a group of individuals or individual who are looking to get a better return on their money than what the banks can offer. Because they are not a bank, they can often and do lend money to those individuals who don’t qualify for normal business or commercial… Read more »

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