How much it will cost me to engage Vantage service?
For financial services, we are paid commission by lender. For other business services, we offer free quotation services.

Can I invest or buy property in other states of Australia?
Yes. However lenders have a certain criteria in different states. We have comprehensive information in our office.

I am an overseas borrower (non-citizen, non-resident) but would like to invest, can I do that?
Yes, Foreign Investment Review Board has the power to decide, we abide by these rules and regulation. This is important to protect you as an investor.

How long will it take to process my loan application?
Different lenders have different cycles and mechanism. Generally, lenders have a minimum 24 hours turn around time for a conditional approval. If you have a specific and urgent need, please advise our office.

How does Vantage deal with all my details and privacy?
We deal with your information with utmost confidence. We operate with integrity. All the information submitted to lender(s) will only be used to process your application by the lender(s).

What about after sales service?
Good old-fashioned service is found with Vantage. Once the finance is settled, you are part of our big family. We will contact you periodically to give product updates and are available to discuss your other needs.

I have a question and/or problem, and I don’t know who can I trust.
You are our valued client and we highly regard our relationship, give us a call because we are willing to help.

Is Vantage fully insured?
Yes, we are fully insured business. Our Real Estate & Business Agent License No. is TC63900. We are REIWA Member No. 69541. Our Australian Credit License No. is 387917. We are a member of Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia No.50579. We are also a member of Credit Ombudsman Services Limited No.412461.

How professional is Vantage?
We take care of our integrity, thus our reputation takes care of itself. Vantage professionals pro-actively ensure that it is up-to-date with government regulation such as “Compulsory Professional Development Course”, both in Finance and Real Estate industry.

Is Vantage able to help new arrival of migrants and/or people who are on 457-class Visa?
Yes. We have several lenders that would assist. Please give us a call for a no-obligation financial chat. Then you can take it from there.