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We are one of the finest companies which provide better credibility and integrity in Property Management. We have a commitment to our customer. We hold Diploma in Property Services (Management & Sales). We ensure that any dealings in managing your assets, bond administrator, building manager, contractors, tenants and many more are handled in an efficient and professional manner. Maintenance Issue made easy - we use your trusted tradies for the quality of workmanship and the price you like, alternatively use ours

Vantage Property Management Review

With the Experience more than 5 Year in handling real estate and dealing with tenants, We have successfully manage and improve the value of rental property. We collect rent in timely manner, our quality screening system ensures we get good tenants. We pay owner on-time all the time. We use GeeDee system in Trust Accounting and Property Management. We have a good connection with trustable and fully licensed Contractor to keep up the quality of the property that we managed. We have been managing many houses and deals with many tenants, so we have extensive experience in these fields. We have received positive feedback on how we handle our client's property. We manage your property so that the value, if not improved, is maintained over a period of time. We provide quality management at a reasonable management fee. We treat your asset just like ours, that's why.

What we do?

Advertise and Negotiate

We go through your property with you to appraise, provide inputs and produce a property features and facility report then advertise them in several platform.

Property Home Open

Perform home open (by appointment or set times). This is viewing by prospective tenants.

Rent Collections

Collect rent in timely manner, our quality screening system ensures we get good tenants. We pay owner on-time all the time.

Maintain Property Quality

Maintain property by addressing tenant complaints, completing repairs, contracting Strata company, enforcing Residential Tenancy Act 1987.

Why Choose Us

Minimum Certificate IV in Real Estate Property Management

Enhanced Negotiation Abilities

Understanding of Residential Tenancy Act 1987 and we know how to interview tenants to get the good ones

Understanding of Contract Law and Magistrate Court System is desirable

Strong Interpersonal Skills

Proficient in using Property Management System such as GeeDee System

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