PROPERTY INVESTMENT! Is it right for you?

June 30, 2021

1. Understand your risk profile Your risk profile is your appetite to take risks with your investable funds. You should always understand your risk profile before making investments of any sort. When considering property investment, it’s particularly important to come to terms with your own level of comfort in borrowing to invest. Taking on additional debt is not something you should do lightly, especially if you already have a mortgage on your primary place of residence. Tip: Talk to a professional financial adviser, who may help you understand whether property investment matches your risk profile and if it suits your broader... Read More

10 Suburbs to Consider Investing

March 31, 2021

After a number of years of residential investors sitting on their hands and a consequential rental shortage, there is much to anticipate as we approach the end of the rental moratorium on 28 March 2021.  There is strong demand for rental properties, and this combined with record low interest rates and expected gross yield growth creates the perfect potion that WA investors have been waiting for.  With home loan interest rates at around two per cent, it’s now more attainable than before to find a property that is generating a positive rental yield even after interest costs and other expenses.   Here... Read More

The RBA reduced the cash rate

November 3, 2020

In response to the economic impact being caused by the COVID-19 crisis, the RBA reduced the cash rate by 0.15% to a new record low of 0.1%.In making this change the RBA has confirmed the views of many analysts that further stimulus is required to aid Australia's recovery post Covid.It had previously stated that it sees a cash rate of 0.25% as a floor however it has softened its stance on a reduction more recently.In the lead up to its next meeting our central bank will continue to monitor world events such as the second round of European lockdowns and... Read More

New Residential tenancy laws – Affixing Furniture

December 20, 2019

In this bulletin, we share an overview of recent changes to residential tenancy laws and how they affect you.  Affixing furniture Whilst Consumer Protection has actively encouraged lessors and agents to permit tenants to affix furniture to prevent it from toppling onto children, it was not a legal requirement until now. From 2 December 2019 changes to tenancy laws allow tenants to apply to a lessor/agent for permission to affix furniture in order to ensure the safety of a child or person with a disability.  That person is not required to reside with you.  You may be a grandparent seeking to... Read More

What is Private Funding?

September 1, 2019

What are the private funders? Private funders are often a group of individuals or individual who are looking to get a better return on their money than what the banks can offer. Because they are not a bank, they can often and do lend money to those individuals who don't qualify for normal business or commercial loan. What do private funders look at borrowers? Capability to repay loan or interest of loanCharacter - consistency with on-time repayment or interest paymentCollateral - normally residential property is being used as the security  Credit WorthinessCredit Scoring What is the interest rate? Commercial loan starts from 7%pa... Read More